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slammed against the wall
pushed against the wall
thrown against the wall
its all the same
it all hurts
makes my skin an unnatural colour
makes my mind unnaturally cluttered
and i cant think
can only feel
pain. pain. pain.
and you think
you think you know
i won\'t do anything
you\'re wrong
all your punches
all your throws
add to my anger
and one day it will explode
and you will be sorry
maybe today?
you\'d like that, wouldn\'t you?
maybe you wouldn\'t
but its too late now
i\'ve got the power now
the gun is in my pocket
and i am in your house
yelling all this to you
you coward!
you fraud!
stop screaming!
begging. pleading.
did you listen when i yelled?
did you stop when i screamed?
so i won\'t.
i oughtta teach you a lesson
you filthy piece of shit
my hand is shaking
and sweating too
but i know what i want to do
what i NEED to do
malice is in my veins
and murder in my blood
but your screams fill my ears
my teeth grind
i cant decide
stop it!
i cannot sympathise with you!
you dont deserve it!
i flinch

writing pain
burningraven Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2003
ugh. ugly scene. hayley i hope to god thats not what your thinking. it's very well writen but i think the Ha! ruiens it a bit and makes it too childish. it's very well done and the fact that i was utterly discugusted at the end shows how well it was written. congrats great images.
sundome Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2003
>;) (Wink)
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July 25, 2003


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